It’s been less than a year that Microsoft launched Microsoft Windows 10. Surprisingly, in this short period of time, more than 270 million users all around the globe have purchased or upgraded their system software.

In its annual Build developer conference held in San Francisco,  Microsoft announced that from both the aspects, consumer’s aspect as well as from enterprise’s aspect, Windows 10 was the best ever growing version of Windows.

Windows 10 running on more than 270 million devices

This news is a major achievement for the company, as its earlier version Windows, 8 was said to be a failure by lots of people and nearly ignored by businesses. Actually, Windows 10 skipped a number in its sequence. Many people thought Microsoft would be launching the upgraded version named Windows 9 in order to distance itself from its previous version.
In the first 24 hours of launching, 14 million upgrades were recorded which was an unbelievable start for Windows 10. Microsoft wasn’t expending this much huge number of upgrades because of the previous experience of Windows 8. During the holiday season, the growth kept on increasing. On Black Friday or after it, almost 40% of the Windows 10 systems were activated. Up till January, according to Microsoft’s report, almost 200 million devices were running the latest version of Windows.

270 Millions of people are already using Windows 10

Windows 10 was a very crucial update for Microsoft. Microsoft is bringing back the famous card game Hearts to Windows 10 after pulling it, along with Minesweeper and Solitaire, from its miserable Windows 8 edition.Windows 10 running on more than 270 million devices

Microsoft also announced an update to Windows 10 called Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Other new features discussed during the event include Microsoft’s Windows Insider Ring (a platform for early beta testers), an update for Windows Hello, allowing users to log in with facial recognition technology, and Windows Ink for digital pen input.

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A new update named Windows 10 Anniversary Update to the latest version of Windows has been announced by Microsoft. This allows users to log into their systems with the help of facial recognition technology. Another update from Microsoft is the Windows Ink for the users which use a digital pen for input.