This Facebook 911bot could save your life one day


    In April, Facebook launched chat bots in Messenger. The programmers have created bots to provide medical advice, provide news when asked and request an Uber.

    Now, they had launched a bot which can even save your life one day.

    The 911bot permits you to aware emergency personnel when you require help by sharing photos, responding to questions and typing in information through Facebook Messenger. The bot was created at TechCrunch’s Disrupt 2016c by Hadar Landao, Tomer Core any and Omri Klinger.

    After starting the 911bot, it asks the user if the issue is life-threatening. Afterward, it gathers information from you about the incident through a photo or even a text. Moreover, it records your Phone number. This bot also stores your location where the incident occurred. The bot then makes a phone call to emergency services for you, providing the information you provided earlier to the bot. The bot provides the information to the emergency services through an automated voice. After that, it connects you to the operator.

    The 911bot will also give you helpful guidance and tips regarding emergencies.

    There can be a situation in which it would be faster and much easier to place directly on the emergency services rather than to an app and provide all your information through typing or photos. Whereas, there is a possibility that you could in a situation where making a call is just next to impossible like if you are in a risky situation and don’t feel comfortable in providing you location, you can depend on the required information to 911 exclusive of making a noise.

    This application is also very helpful for those people having issues with their microphones or having damaged speakers. Such people can inform the emergency services about the situation they are in.

    The team behind 911bot told that they want to integrate the bot with normal 911 calls as well. After such a call, the bot would send helpful text messages providing guidance during an emergency situation.

    The team which developed 911bot expressed their vision about the application that they want to connect this bot with the normal 911 calls also. Once a person had made such a call, the application would send important guidelines to the person through application during an emergency situation.

    After the approval from Facebook, this application could also be available at Facebook Messenger.


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