How to Get Buyers on Fiverr [5 Tips]

Fiverr tips to get orders

Hi, All ‪#‎Fiverr & Codezr Community,
Its reality that many of sellers are not getting too much buyers traffic these days due to some latest updates in fiverr but their are many things to keep them in mind also. I am writing 5 tips my be to get good number of orders on fiverr on daily basis.
Don’t ignore these factors, you will get good number of buyers when you will focus on them


1. Delivery Time Factor:
Deliver your every order on time. Never mess with delivery time. Always Deliver your order on before delivery time because Time is money, as much as fast you will deliver, you will get good results.

2. Response Time Factor:
Respond every query within few hours. Always try to have a response time more than 98% for better results. You can install app on your mobile phones from App Store or Play store. If you don’t have any android or iPhone then please invest few hundred rupees on this for your business. Normal phone with good specification is available at 40 – 50$ only in Pakistan

3. Cancellation Rate Factor
Always Lower your cancelled order’s ration. It should be less as per 0.2 rule. If you want to calculate it then Here is the formulae
No# of Completed Orders + No# of cancelled Order = A
No# of Cancelled Orders / A = Your Cancellation Ratio

For Example:
My Total Number of Orders Completed = 75
My Total Number of Orders Cancelled = 14
75+14 = 89
14 / 89 = 0.16
0.16 is Cancellation Ratio. Must keep this below 0.20

4. Never Ask for Reviews
Try to get good reviews but don’t ask for 5 star review, just ask for Postive Review otherwise they will make problems for you.

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5. Create Loyal Friends not Customers
Don’t Try to get only orders and then forget your clients before delivery. Make a good conversation also with your clients. Be like their friends, do like you are doing as a friend. They will become your loyal clients as well and it will increase your conversation ratio

New Sellers please keep these 5 things in your mind, you will grow your income within few months. My best wishes for you. May Allah Bless you all with good earning.

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