Motorolla combines with Grafitti Futura for New phones

Motorolla combines with Grafitti Futura for New Smartphones edition

Grafitti Retro design, particularly 1980s fare, has become famous in recent years and now Motorola is tackling one of the present world legends in order to increase its once outstanding mobile profile.
Futura, one of the most famous and honoured graffiti artists of the starting days of hip-hop, is engaged with the mobile phone maker in order to launch a finite number of a special edition Moto X Pure Edition.

Grafitti Futura on new smartphones, Really?

It sounds great to mind, Having 5.7-inch size and Android-based Motorola handset, the smartphone also known as the Moto X Style was launched in the United States previous year. This smartphone offered a wood casing along with plastic as well as plastic.


The limited edition smartphones were on display previous week in lower Manhattan, near Futura’s old art stomping grounds. At that place, he once participated with fellow art legends Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. They are two artists who also made the development from street-based graffiti to high-end galleries.

The artist started his rise in the ’70s who is known by some as Futura 2000. He then rose to a mainstream height of his career in the ’80s. The work began showing up in some of New York’s extra cutting-edge galleries.
The limited edition phones, 30 in all, each smartphone will make up a piece of a canvas-sized work and were sold for 350 dollars through Stefan’s Head. Stefan’s head is a service that sells limited edition products through text.

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No details were discharged on just what amount of the specially painted smartphones are left but in order to get a sense of Futura’s art world order’s demand, consider that some years ago a Futura’s original paintings sold for not less than 56,000 dollars.

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