Upcoming Networking Technologies Take Center Stage in Future

Upcoming Networking Technologies Take Center Stage in Future

With end users creating, receiving and sending added data than ever before, the reliability and speed of the enterprise network are important to organisational profit or success. As older equipment ages out — and as enterprises look to increase advance feature— a lot of organisations are planning to update their current networks or increase new networking technologies over the course of the next 1 year.

In a survey of about 500 IT decision-makers, CDW asked where organisations plan to spend their networking dollars in 2016. The answers to this question show that a many of organisations are adopting advance or you can say “next-generation” solutions.
For example, many organisations will continue to investigate and make investments in cloud resources, some other organisations will start exploring cutting-edge technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and software-defined networking (SDN).

Upcoming Networking Technologies Take Center Stage in Future

Among participants who told that they would be making changes or advancements in the upcoming year, almost half of them indicated that they would study and research cloud computing for sure while a few of them said they would be researching about IoT technologies.Whereas a group of respondents also showed their interest towards the software-defined networking ( SDN), and the remaining of them said they would raise their investment in that section over the upcoming year.

The advantages of shifting services like software and infrastructure to the cloud — including potential cost savings and scalability — are said to be at this point, and Younger says she predicts that additional organisations will make the shifting 2016. For example, those enterprises that are still using on-premises email may shift to hosted email as their on-premises equipment ages out.

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One company was able to gain a return on investment of more than 400% in lesser than a year by pulling its public cloud resources backwards into its own data centre and using software-defined networking.

“If you look at few of the research, it’s much few costly to operate in private cloud conditions,”
she says.
“Software-defined networking is surely taking off in 2016. I’m on phone calls in a routine with customers who are interested.”

As Internet of Things (IoT) solutions developed, Younger says, she expects more organisations to explore use cases. Manufacturing and Industrial companies are particularly interested in IoT, but she also sees the interest from enterprises in the healthcare and retail and sectors. “Internet of Things is going to increase, for sure,” Younger says. “The train has left the station. It’s not going to be used by everyone, but it’s definitely picking up the pace.”