Panelzr SMM Reseller Panel – Premium SMM Reseller Panel Script

Panelzr SMM Reseller Panel - Premium SMM Reseller Panel Script

For Social Media Marketing, SMM Panels are very important these days. So here it is the news, Now Premium Panelzr SMM Reseller Panel Script Download is available on This SMM Reseller Panel Script is 100% licensed and safe for your use. We love you our visitors so worked hard to get this Panelzr SMM Panel Script for you. So Now you can start your own SMM Reseller Panel business like fivebbc, instafaster, instagramfaster, 21likes etc.

Features of Panelzr SMM Reseller Script

  • Responsive Design: Your SMM panel can be reached from any device and will look awesome!Manage your panel through your mobile phone.
  • Clean and Powerful Code: Panelzr SMM Reseller Panel Script is reliable with good speed of loading(ms).The code is clean and easy-editable.Most of our page-functions are using AJAX.
  • Installation & Easy Management: No skills are required for smm panel setup and smm panel management, configure your MySQL connection and leave it.
  • Automated Funds Deposit: Panelzr SMM Panel Script is providing automated payment gateways (Paypal and Skrill). Your SMM reseller panel clients can deposit balance to their accounts automatically.
  • No Page Refresh: Most of our Panelzr SMM panel script functions are using AJAX. The functions are sending dynamic requests to our pages and the server process them faster and secured.
  • Beautiful Design: Beautiful, clean, responsive and user-friendly GUI. Everything is simple as stealing candy from a baby in SMM Panel Script.
  • Automated Purchase: You can process all orders automatically if you already have an API key. If you don’t have an API you have to process your orders manually.
  • New Features in Panel: Our SMM panel script contains all basic panel functions and some additional are added.Everything is coded to fit your and your client needs
  • Easy to Edit: If you have basic programming skills (PHP 5.x) you can easily change, update or remove the code. Panelzr SMM panel Script files are not encrypted or obfuscated.

    Panelzr is Best SMM Panel Script in The Market

Panelzr SMM Reseller Panel - Premium SMM Reseller Panel Script

Get Panelzr SMM Reseller Panel Script


If you want a super beautiful Panelzr SMM Reseller Panel Script with premium design and API setup then You can also contact me at NOMAN or CODEZR or Email Me at

You can check this Live working of this Reseller Panel at
Username: demo
Password: demo

Screeshots of Panelzr SMM Reseller Panel Script


Charges Panelzr SMM Reseller Script:

Just Panelzr SMM Script:
100$ (one time) = 100$

Script with Installation:
110$ (one time) = 110 $

Script with Installation + Domain + Business Hosting:
100$ (one time) + 50$ (yearly) = 150$

Script with Installation + Business Hosting + SSL Certificate:
100$ (one time) + 65$ (yearly) = 165$


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