Search for multiple facebook groups

    Search for multiple facebook groups

    Even though you are looking for the best new restaurants in your neighbourhood or parenting tips, Facebook Groups is helpful for finding virtual communities around numerous topics.
    Facebook is now testing a dedicated “Discover” feature within the facebook Groups section in order to make it simpler to join conversations.

    A new tab will allow you to browse public or closed Facebook Groups by category.

    It also includes the  Groups your friends are in and local Groups.

    I can confirm the Discover feature is easy and intuitive to use being a randomly-selected Facebook user in the test group. Indeed, it is a surprise it’s taken this much time to roll out something like this.

    Search for multiple facebook groups

    But this makes sense: it’s not dissimilar to Instagram and Twitter’s new discovery efforts.
    Discover offers more than 20  different categories such as sports, buy and sell, parenting, food, animals & pets, networking, travel, hobby & leisure and support & comfort. Each topic page highlights the top suggested Groups based on who you may already know that’s a member and popularity.

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    Before this, one was supposed to type keywords in order find related Groups or wait until you were invited to join one by a friend in the search bar.
    Groups are the most-used feature within the app beyond Facebook’s news feed, About 1 billion people use Groups every month.