Surfing in the Sea & Getting Tweets, Bad Idea Samsung

Expert surfer Gabriel Medina linked to his smartphone in training period of surfing


Samsung Brasil made a promotional video ad revealing how it will keep surfing expert Gabriel Medina linked to his smartphone when he’s out investing in a training period on the waves.

Now, a few of you will disagree with me, but I believe Samsung’s really lacking the idea here. It’s come up with technology and a ‘cool’ sport to produce a promotional video that almost no-one involved with that sport would seem to be to want.

Tweets on Surfing Board?, No No, Bad Idea

Pairing a hidden knowledge drawer covering away a Samsung Galaxy S7 privately of the surfboard with LEDs permits wave conditions, tweets from followers & supporters and tips from his instructor to be viewed. Wouldn’t wave conditions be pretty evident by enough time you’re from them? You don’t want tweets in your legs as you’re out floating in the sea?

Isn’t at least half the idea of surfing to move away from people, life and technology?
Galaxy-Surfboard - Surfing in Sea & Getting Tweets on Surf Board

Samsung would like and needs to connect you to definitely to anyone, everything in your daily life, but sometimes it just doesn’t make any sense in real life. Knowing what’s in my own smart refrigerator? Maybe. Discovering & Experiencing tweets while surfing on water in a sea? No way.

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Obviously, if it can appeal to you, then it’s up to you. Tellus your remarks about this in comments.