5 Ways to Secure WordPress Websites Free

    Follows these methods to protect your WordPress website from Hacking attacks

    5 Ways to Secure WordPress Websites Free

    It’s very important to prevent your WordPress websites from hackers and other attacks so you have to protect your WordPress installations as it became popular. When a lot of traffic is coming to a website and many people using the website then hackers also focus WordPress as its easy to them control your servers.

    In this article, you will know some effective and worthy tips to secure your WordPress websites. You can follow these tips to protect your website from hackers however it is hosted on shared web hosting, VPS or Dedicated Servers.do-not-ignore-wordpress-security

    1. Use WordPress Security Pluginsprotectwordpress-firewall

    There is numerous WordPress plugin for security and protection purpose. You have to install good and high-ranked plugins to make sure that your WordPress websites is more secure and safe from hacking attacks. You can use free WordPress Security Plugins but premium plugins are much recommended rather than free. You can also download premium security plugins for WordPress from Codezr free. These security plugins improves security and also scan all the bugs and problems regarding security or malware.

    2. Use firewall for your websiteprotectwordpress-twofactor

    A decent firewall breaks cruel attacks as of straight striking your website. Block Bad Queries is a plugin that stays informed about all inward traffic flow and chunks the wicked attacks that might effects on the website and create difficulties for you. This will not only break hacking activities hitting on your WordPress websites but it will decrease  attacks which are hitting on your WordPress websites. It will also help to preserve your site burden and approachable for the public you need to visit your website.

    3. Stay Updatedprotectwordpress-update

    Even there is a small integration or update from WordPress, don’t forget to upgrade your WordPress cms instantly. Every update has some improvement or bugs fixing in the previous version of the WordPress. So update it instantly and always try to stay updated. This will help you to make your site more secure and bugs free. EveryWhen WordPress tells you there’s an update, no matter how small, update immediately.

    4. Two-factor Authenticationprotectwordpress-backups

    Two-factor authentication is strange but one of the best method to make your website secure and safe. You will also have the much secure website and no one can login your website because it will have an app on your smartphone or you will receive a one-time code through SMS on your phone every time you login. So No one can login even knowing your WordPress websites login credentials. Make sure you activate this security feature so that it will also fight against brute force attacks on your website. Google Authenticator is a two-factor authentication method for public, however, you may as well try Clef, alternative two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress.

    5. Backup WordPress Websites Regularly

    Don’t wait for something happen bad to your website. always stay prepared because, in digital life, anything can happen to your website so it’s very tough to restore your website later. The easy way is to keep your WordPress websites’ regular backups so that you can easily restore your website to the previous version rather than cleaning the affected website. Create backups to your local computer or any cloud storage so you can easily access that. BackWPup is a WordPress free plugin that helps you pick what you back up to, whether you need to attempt Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, or FTP to the alternative account.

    Follow these elementary methods to keep your WordPress website protected and secure. If you have any another method or comment regarding this article then please comment below.


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