Website Traffic Bot : Traffic Haul Free Download

Website Traffic Bot : Traffic Haul Free Download

I saw, many people related to blogging and websites always searching for some traffic generation softwares so that they get improvement in their website’s alexa ranking as well as Search Engine Ranking. I didn’t prefer this kind of fake traffic softwares but Today i am sharing a best Traffic Bot Free of cost, which is mostly used by many people specially who are selling their traffic on fiverr and freelancer or other money making websites. Now you don’t have to pay anything for such sellers at fiverr, generate your own website traffic easily with these website traffic tool. Its very small but best tool in the market. Many people selling this Traffic Bot in 5$ or more but you are going to download it at codezr without paying any penny.

This website traffic bot need proxies to send much traffic on any website, so we also provided a solution for proxies list. We already created any option for proxy list on our website so you can check and download working proxy lists daily at our website. To download unlimited proxies CLICK HERE

This is a 100% Working Website traffic bot. This Bot can drive Unlimited traffic to any website or blog. It uses Proxies to generate traffic. You need to upload your Proxies. Just provide the URL of your website and start getting traffic. Capacity to generate 20,000 hits within 24 hours.

All you need is proxy. Just start the Bot and Select cycle option it keeps running the bot until the proxy dead.

Free Website Traffic Bot Features:

1. Reference site can be added.
2. Targeted traffic can be given ( Using targeted Proxy)
3. Express traffic.
4. Capacity to generate minimum 60 hits in 1 SECOND.

Website Traffic Bot : Traffic Haul Free Download
I personally tested it on Google Analytics, sometime it works on Google Analytics but mostly did not work on Google Analytics but you can check traffic through Google Shortner


1. Referal sites text file
2. Bot to get unlimited proxies
3. Working 1100 Proxies on that day.




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