WhatsApp Web users can Share Documents Now

WhatsApp Web users can Share Documents Now

Previously WhatsApp introduced there the standalone desktop app for Windows and Mac user. Now they also have upgraded a feature for document sharing through WhatsApp Web. Document Sharing is a great feature which they introduced few weeks ago for mobile users also. On other hands, the company didn’t announce officially for this feature but All WhatsApp Web users can access this feature and can share their files using web browsers. WhatsApp web is a feature which was launched in January last year to help users who want to use on web browsers. But for this feature, your phone and a working WhatsApp is necessary to verify your login. Users required a QR code using on their mobile phones to access WhatsApp Web app
WhatsApp Web users can Share Documents NowSome rumors are also floating in the market regarding WhatsApp that they are planning to add few more features like video calls, vcf sharing, voice mails, ZIP or RAR files, compressed formats and invitation for groups through NFC tags.

WhatApp Web is Really Improving Features

Few months ago, they release released a feature of sharing local photos and videos available at computer or camera feature so that users can directly capture photos from a webcam.

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