Most of the people are tired from IDM due to registration problems. Others worry about speed and they want to increase their downloading speed. Here I am giving you Xtreme Download Manage (XMD) which is a great downloaded and providing 5 times faster download speed rather than IDM.Xtreme Download Manager - Get 5 Times Faster Download Speed

Xtreme Download Manager is an innovative and dominant download manager that lets you control your downloads in a greatly improved method. This download manager is simply integrate-able with all main internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera etc.

Xtreme Download Manager is Perfect For You

With Xtreme Download Manager, one can effortlessly take material from YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe and other websites. It cares HTTP, HTTPS, firewalls, cookies, FTP protocols etc. As it’s a Java-based application, it workings on multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.Xtreme Download Manager - Get 5 Times Faster Download Speed

It downloads the files at the maximum possible speed i.e. downloading content at up to 500%  faster speed. Xtreme Download Manager is full of many features and you need to explore them all to get used to its functions. This simple and easy to use download manager is surely worth a try.


Users of Windows and Mac OS X or Linux OS can also go ahead and download the installer packages from this download Page Link. Note that OS X users need to install Java before installing it.

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